There are dozens of moving services in the telephone book. How do you choose a reliable moving company? Do you ask friends? Do you compile a list of potential companies and call asking about services? Or do you perform a reviews search? To find a company that is right for you, you should perform a mix of all three of these methods. That will take time, but at least it will maximize your results and experience!

Receive a Booklet

Firstly, a good moving company will provide you with your rights. This is a booklet that movers are required by federal law to provide potential clients who are planning interstate moves (here at RM, we only concentrate on statewide moving). In addition, when looking for the best moving company for your needs, the company should not only provide a booklet, but also be happy to discuss their responsibilities with you. If they fail to provide you with this booklet, it could be a red flag that this mover is not experienced and you may want to find a different company who is willing to comply with federal regulations.

whats a rogue moving companyWhat’s a ‘Rogue Moving Company’?

A professional moving company won’t have questionable policies or false advertisements. ¬†Any company who claims “all goods” are insured should raise an eyebrow. They may be a “rogue mover.” Other signs of a rogue mover include:

  • Giving quotes over the telephone or Internet with prices that seem too good to be true…especially without seeing the items that need to be moved
  • No address or licensing information listed on a website
  • Demands a large cash deposit before a move – no legitimate company would request this.
  • Finally, if you are able, visit their office/warehouse. If it is in poor condition or non-existent, it speaks volumes about their business and how your experience will probably be like. Trust your senses and gut feelings!

Uh-oh…you already hired a bad moving company?

If you’ve arrived on this page too late and have already been ‘taken for a ride’ by a rogue moving company, here are the steps you can take:

  1. Fill out an online complaint form on
  2. They will forward your complaint to the Department of Transportation’s Office of the General Inspector, so your complaint will get to the right person
  3. If it happens that your ‘rogue’ moving company wasn’t a scam, but just craptastic, then you may discover that the moving company is a member of the American Moving and Storage Association. If that company is a member of this organization or any company that you have a dispute with, they may agree to participate in the AMSA arbitration process
  4. You can also file a compliant with the Better Business Bureau

One of the best ways for you to find the best moving company in your area is to simply ask a friend. There is no substitute for the wisdom from a trusted friend. Friends can likely recommend an excellent moving company that is great and perfect to handle your specific moving needs.

Ask around! We’ll bet that your friends can also tell you which companies to avoid!

By the way, if you happen to come across a company with bad reviews or has grievances filed against them, specifically ask a company representative about that grievance and how it was resolved. That can be a make or break deal based on their answers.

While we’re chatting about reviews, please check Reliable Moving’s outstanding reviews! And Seattle residents, if you’ve used us before in the past, please email us your reviews of us – both the positive and negative, so that we can improve and continue to provide excellent moving services!