Moving Tips

Moving to a new home is equal parts exciting and stressful. While helpful Seattle movers like Reliable Moving can ease much of the burden of packing, unpacking, shrink-wrapping, unwrapping, disassembling, reassembling, and heavy lifting from off your shoulders, there are some things you’ll want—and need—to do yourself. To make the experience roll along a whole lot smoother, use the following tips to your advantage:

Do some pre-cleaning and haul essentials early

If at all possible, show up at your new home before the Big Move and pre-clean the bathroom and kitchen. This will make taking a bath and getting meals ready after the move a lot easier. This is also the ideal time to bring over smaller essentials such as soap, shampoo, towels, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and the like.

Label your boxes wisely

Write down the label on your box on its side rather than on top of it. This will allow you to read the label even if the boxes are stacked. Aside from listing what’s in the box, label it with the room it’s intended for as well. This will help both you and the movers know which room each box should go to. You may also want to color code the boxes and the rooms with colored sticky tape to make it even more intuitive.

Number your boxes

If you’re a stickler for privacy, numbering your boxes is a good way to keep the movers from knowing what’s in them. It can also help you keep track of the exact number of boxes you’re moving and avoid mistakes—such as forgetting one of the boxes.

Hire a sitter for your kids and pets

Kids and pets alike can get rather rowdy during a move. Having someone watch over them while you attend to the business of moving can make the whole event go much smoother.

Load your bed last

The bed is one of the most cumbersome pieces of furniture to move around the house. Not only is it big, it’s also usually quite heavy. With boxes strewn all over the place, moving the bed around can be an even tougher challenge. By loading the bed last, it gets brought into the new house first before any other obstacles get in the way.

Book your movers at least two weeks in advance

Most people plan their moves to coincide with the last day of the month. This can make this time rather hectic for reliable Seattle moving companies that have built a reputation for customer satisfaction. To ensure that you secure a slot with the mover you prefer, always book them as early as possible.

Source: 33 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

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