Business is booming and you have to move to a bigger location, this isn’t only exciting, but it can also be stressful – no one wants to think about losing important files, merchandise or computer components – so before you start tossing items into random boxes, take a few moments to read our top tips on moving your business…it may just save you some time and hassle down the moving road.

Be Organized

Even if you’re not a naturally organized person, taking time before you move, to make checklists will save you loads of time and hassle when moving day arrives.  This includes the supplies you will need (boxes, tape, marker, extra help, moving truck etc.).  In addition, make a packing and unpacking plan.  Remember moving does take time, but so does unpacking and reorganizing your business, so be sure to leave yourself room for delays.

moving a business

Another important tip is to be sure, well in advance, that your telephones, internet, permits, power and signs are all up and working in your new location. Overlooking these “small details” can bring your moving-in process to a standstill, so be sure these are all in place before you show up with a truck full of boxes.

Donate or Sell

Moving into a new space is a good time to sloth off the old and not needed items.  This could include old telephones, printers, computers and furniture – why move it if it is going to be replaced?  Sell these items on the internet or donate them to a worthy cause, then replace them once you are in your new space.

Pack It Early

Depending on the type of business you are moving, packing early may not be totally feasible; however, you may find there are things that can be organized and boxed away.  When packing early be sure to label each and every box to make it easier to unpack and to also locate something that you may need beforehand.

Packing Computers and Components

This is the age of computers and all our valuable and crucial information is stored away in this technology, so you will want to be extra careful when moving computers.  Wrap your monitors in thick moving blankets or bubble wrap and be sure to tape it up – but NOT to the monitor itself.  Also DO NOT place computers in boxes or stack them up, one bump in the road could leave these electronics damaged.

Another tip you may want to consider is to backup your data with a removable hard drive, or use a service on the net.  If anything happens to the computers, at least all your information won’t be forever lost.

Packing PrintersIf you have more than one computer you are moving, be sure that when you take the cords off you put them in a ZipLock  bag, then write on the front which computer it belongs to.  This will save a lot of time and confusing in your new office.

Just like computers, your printers will have to be cared for since they contain sensitive components.  To pack a printer safely, be sure to remove the cartridges and to tape down the lids.  This is also a good time to read any specific instructions that came with your printer, FAX machine or copiers –  an improper move could leave you with a void warranty.

Label Those Boxes

Clearly marking your boxes will save you loads of time and frustration, but it is also imperative if you have hundreds of boxes. Keeping track of many boxes with a number and a brief description of what’s inside is the best way to be organized.  Write your number/description down on a clipboard and have it handy when packing and unpacking.

Take the stress out of moving your business with our easy-to-follow and practical tips. Being organized can make the difference in having a stressful move or one that goes off without a hitch.