Whether you are moving out of want or necessity, it can be stressful, especially if you are running low on funds.  However, moving your belongings from one location to the next does not have to break your bank.  Check out our top tips for moving on a tight budget.

moving on a budget

Plan on Planning

Most often you don’t just pick up and move overnight (unless you are running from the law, then you have bigger problems than how much it will cost) so you will have time to do some planning.  If you have the option of when you are moving think of the best time to do so.  Most moving companies are less expensive on the off season, so if it’s possible chose this time to change locations.

Get Organized

Moving in a frenzy of last minute planning and gathering supplies and friends will only create more stress, frustration and added expense.  Be sure to get yourself organized well before your moving day.  Make lists of things to remember, have your supplies gathered and standing by for packing.  Trying to find things at the last minute will only lead to spending more money than you need to.

Get What You Need

When you leave yourself time to prepare you can easily find boxes at grocery and retail stores – why buy boxes when these companies just recycle them?  Be sure to have plenty of packing tape on hand to “rebuild” the boxes if they are flattened.  In addition, before your moving day, start to save those old newspapers, magazines and used computer paper to have on hand to pack your breakables in.  You can even ask your friends and family to hang onto appropriate packing materials, too.  Also, remember blankets and sheets make great packing material and saves you packing them up separately.

Start a New

Take advantage of the move to clear out the old stuff you no longer have any use for.  If you have been hanging onto gym equipment that you are never going to touch, then put an ad on the internet or your local paper to sell these items off.  The extra money these fetch will help you with your move and also make moving a bit lighter.  Along this thought, hold a garage sale for smaller items that you want to get rid of or donate them to charity.  Either way, you will save yourself the time and hassle of lugging them to your new home.

how to move on a small budgetCall in Some Favors

Moving is a huge deal and is a great time to call in some favors your friends and family may “owe” you.  Enlist the help of the people in your life to help you pack up your belongings and the use of their vehicles for your smaller boxes.  If you have small children or pets, ask a friend or neighbor to look after them while you are busy.  This saves you money on babysitters and petsitters.  If you have a friend that loves to cook, ask them if they could whip up some sandwiches or a hearty chili to feed your workers with at the end of the day.

Moving Companies

Most moving companies offer to pack up your belongings and/or pick up the boxes, load them and unload them.  To help save yourself some cash pack up your own items and have them ready-to-go for the movers.  This will save you some money, while all the heavy lifting will be taken care of.

Moving on a tight budget doesn’t have to be difficult.  Plan ahead, be organized, get rid of the old and let your friends and family be a part of the big day.  By putting these simple tips to good use, you will save yourself a pocket full of money and be less stressed when it is all over.