If you have ever done a large move, even once, you know what a hassle it can be and you may wonder why anyone would ever want to do it again.  But according to statistics, people do relocate from one home to another on average of every five to seven years.  This may seem like a lot over the course of a lifetime and it does add up; however, there are many reasons why folks move.  Let’s explore these top reasons and see if you have fallen “victim” to any of these circumstances.

Family is Growing

The first and perhaps the most common reason why people move is they have simply outgrown the home.  Newly married couples may start to have children or established families may even see the addition of an elderly parent or grandparent – which can all affect the size of the house you need.  If couples are embarking on a family, they may also want to be closer to schools or in a safer, more family-friendly area.  The nice thing about this move, is it is usually a house that is intended to be stayed in for a while.

top reasons for movingBuyers Remorse

The second reason why people decide to move is they may have buyers remorse.  Tastes change and what you might have considered charming has now become unsightly and annoying.  For example, perhaps you once loved the traffic and busyness of a heavy populated city, but now you just find it stressful, or perhaps the house itself has only one bathroom when you really need two.  These types of circumstances can lead people to put their homes on the market.

Job Relocation

Another good reason why we move is due to a change in our employment status.  Job promotions (or demotions) may require a change in location.  If your new job requires you to travel long distances from your current home, most people find it easier and less stressful to move closer to their place of business.  If a job takes you out-of-state, then moving is a necessary requirement.

Change in Relationship Status

Relationships often times require people to move.  Whether you are embarking on a new life as a couple or picking up the pieces after a divorce, these most likely will require a move to a new home.  Another reason for moving may be a death in the family.  The home may hold too many memories, making it difficult to continue on in the same location.

Change in Neighborhood

With cities expanding to make room for new industries and new subdivisions popping up to make way for new families, your once private area may end up busy, noisy and unacceptable.  All this can put people in a moving truck and fleeing for a more suitable neighborhood.  In addition, we also have no control who lives beside us, so a pleasant neighbor can suddenly sell their home and you may end up with the neighbors from hell – questionable people living so close, may not be something you can endure for years to come.

Family Ties

Lastly, if you have grandchildren or your own children out-of-town, you may want to move to be closer to them.  On the flip side of that coin, if your in-laws have decided to move closer to you, this may be something you can’t tolerate.  Either way, it makes a good reason to pull up stakes and move away.

Depending on your circumstances, moving can be a hassle, but sometimes it may be the best thing for us.  View moving to a different area and home as a new beginning and embark on the adventure as a fresh new start, no matter what the reason may be.