Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to sell your home, so why not take advantage of the warm weather and hold a garage sale to get rid of all that extra stuff, you don’t want to move with you?  Plus, the extra cash always come in handy.

If you are downsizing, then holding a grage sale is not only practical, it may be necessary, but before you jump into throwing all your stuff outside onto the driveway and hope for the best, there are some tips that will help ensure your garage sale is a success.  Check out our top tips on running a successful garage sale.

tips for running successful garage sale 2Make it Appealing

Even though you may consider your castoffs as “junk” you will want other people to view it as treasure, so take some time to clean up any dusty items or run old clothes though the washer.  Display your clothing items on hangers or fold them up neatly on a table.  Big piles of clothes tossed into boxes looks junkie and can be a turn off to some people.

When selling nicknacks and small household items, be sure to gather them into like groups; kitchenware, tools, ornaments etc.  This makes it easier for shoppers to see what you have and also promotes extra sales.

Keep it Safe

If you have a lot of items to sell, you may want to enlist the help of friends or family to help out on the big day.  Have one person responsible for taking the money and keep it on your person or in a lock box, so there will be no chance of it disappearing.


There is little sense in holding a garage sale if no one knows about it.  Advertise your sale in your local papers, on the internet and put up notices on grocery store bulletin boards.  Grab some professional signs that are big and bold to help get the word out.  If you are making your own signs, be sure to use a thick black marker.  People driving by cannot read pencil or pen written signs so make it stand out.  However, before you hang your signs up, be sure to check if there are any laws in place that prohibits putting signs on city property.

Another great way to hold a garage sale is to ask around to your neighbors to see if they would like to participate in your garage sale or hold one of their own on the same day.  This can help cut the advertising costs and will also draw in more shoppers.

The Extras tips for running successful garage sale 1

For the convenience of your shoppers, be sure to have plenty of plastic bags on hand to help them carry their new-found treasures.  Also be sure to have old newspapers to wrap up any glassware or breakable items.

Keep your prices reasonable and be prepared for avid garage-salers to negotiate over the prices.  Don’t be too attached to your stuff that you can’t let it go even for a reasonable price.

Also when pricing your items, mark them with clear sales tickets or even stickers that can be easily removed later.

After the sale, be sure to take down all the signs.  Nothing is more frustrating to garage-salers than to show up at a sale that has already ran.

Once you have held your garage sale, if you have a lot of stuff left over, you may consider holding another garage sale. If not take advantage of the items being boxed up and drop it off at your local thrift store or donate the leftovers to charity.

Hosting a garage sale is the perfect way to get rid of stuff you no longer want or wish to move with you.  Follow these simple tips and watch your junk disappear.