Reliable Moving has been in business for over 17 years, as a local moving company in Seattle.

In the old days, we manually calculated all of our customer’s inventories, and actually had to hand write each estimate of cost. This was obviously time consuming for us, but most importantly time consuming for each customer. We were only able to visit up to four customers per day. We can now visit up to eight potential customers in need of our Seattle moving services. Once we arrive we use a customized software device that inventories each item you own. This converts in to cubic feet, and weight so we know what size of truck to bring for your move, and how many Seattle movers we need to move you.

After we completely inventory every item, you would like us to move, we then explain the entire process of your moving experience with Seattle’s best moving company. We start by showing you our packing techniques for carefully packing glass, china and crystal. This ensures the safe handling and transportation of your most delicate and fragile items. Next, we show you, which size of box is recommended for every item you need to pack. All of this information is emailed to you, along with your quote. If you run out of time to pack for your move, or just dread the thought of packing. We can give you an estimated cost for a full service move as well. Our software can quickly calculate a variety of scenario’s, such as partial packing, fully packing every item, unpacking and having our Seattle movers discard all boxes after we complete our Moving Service.

We can also give you a quote for our international packing and loading service as well. Our software calculates all estimated charges accurately. Our estimated charges for the specific moving services you are requesting, are all inclusive, and take into account all fee’s associated with your move.

As technology continues to get smarter, we at Reliable Moving continue to utilize technology to its fullest. We want to make our customer’s experience with our service, from beginning to end, a pleasant and memorable one. Our Seattle movers are pro’s, and we rely on hiring the best movers in Seattle, in order to maintain the highest level of service, for all of our customer who are in need of a moving company in Seattle.