Storage lockers have been around a long time and are a great way to gain some extra room from the overspill of your home.  Some people may think storage lockers are a waste of money, after all if you have so much stuff that it won’t fit into your current space, isn’t it time to get rid of it?  This may be true for some folks, but the use of a storage locker can be very practical, not just a hoarder’s paradise or a good reality television program.

When a Storage Locker is Practical

Storage lockers come in handy when you are between permanent residences.  This may be due to a temporary job that takes you out-of-town and into a small apartment or even into a single room – why sell off your stuff when you will need it again? Another practical use of a storage locker is if you are selling your home.  Too much clutter can give potential buyers the impression that your home is small.  Clearing out the extra stuff and storing it safely away will not only give you a leg-up on the packing process, but it will also let potential buyers see what your home really has to offer. You may also have extra furniture or appliances that will help those college-aged kids get on their feet after graduation, but you don’t necessarily want to house it for that long.  By renting a storage unit you can keep the furniture, but reduce the clutter in your own home. when and how to use a storage unit

How to Choose a Storage Locker

The most important feature of any storage locker is security.  Before you trust your prized possessions with a facility, be sure to check out the following areas;

  • Is the lock on the unit secure and not easily broken?
  • Is there a security guard or at least security cameras in place?
  • Is it well lit?

Even if you can check on your locker, these features are a must when choosing the right one. Another point to take into consideration is the contract you sign.  Be sure to check out the rules on moving your belongings early in case that becomes necessary – some sites will charge you the full lease term, even if you remove your possessions – so read the fine print carefully.  Also be sure to get the name and number of the person in charge of the facility and keep it handy in case you need to get in contact with them for any reason.

Packing the Storage Locker

As with any move you will also want to keep the storage locker simple.  Be sure to label your boxes in bold letters for easy reference. This will not only keep you organized, but it will also help find your items once in the locker.  In addition, be sure to pack boxes smartly – keep the weight limit under 50 pounds and be sure to pack heavy items on the bottom of the boxes. Depending on how many items the storage locker will be used for, be sure to keep the inside clean and tidy.  Tossing boxes in and closing the door behind you may be easy now, but you will regret it when it comes time to look for something or to clean it out. Storage lockers are a great way to free up space, declutter for a sale and also help you transition between a temporary residence and a permanent one.  Do your research into the location and ratings of the storage facilities available to you, then store away those precious items with peace-of-mind.  And lastly, be sure to maintain your lease on your storage locker space, or you may find your stuff being auctioned off to the highest bidder…