For anyone who has ever had a bad experience when moving, the words “reliable” and “movers” may not seem to belong in the same sentence together. However, moving can actually be a pleasant experience! All you need to do is put the time in to find the best company in your area. Want to learn how? Then you’re at the right spot!

So, how do you find a professional moving company you can trust? Well, if you’re old school, you can start by using a telephone book. Oh you know, that big giant yellow book they still distribute to your driveway? Or, if you’re more ‘tech savvy’ or moving cross-country, you’ll have to use the Internet. It is highly recommended to grab a free quote from numerous moving companies so that you can make the best decision. Additionally, moving companies should have no problems answering every question you have. If they’re patient with you, it would be a great signal of a high quality service provided by those companies.

Another thing to consider is the price that they quote you – make sure that it is reasonable. That is why it is important to shop around with a few different companies. Keep in mind that it would be wise to build a long term relationship with the moving company because they know that repeat customers is good for business. Therefore, it would be helpful to be friendly with them and ‘keep in touch’. First, make sure they’re friendly with you though!

It is important to find a company that can fulfill your exact needs, whether it is┬árelocating a corporation’s equipment or furniture, moving corporation employees, or handling a local/long-distance move. It would also be useful if they also provide suggestions on the best ways to help you pack valuables, so they make it safely to their destination. Be sure to inquire about additional fees, such as a fuel surcharge or additional fee for extra mileage.

If you are unsure about whether a mover is reliable, ask to see references or to talk to some of the company’s customers. If a mover makes you feel uneasy, feel free to choose another mover, as there are plenty to choose from.

Finally, for big items such as wooden pianos, we recommend that you ask the moving company if they have storage you can use. If they do, you can at least have a temporary solution to store it (or perhaps so that you’ll have some time to figure out how to get the large items into your new home. Or, if you’re actually looking to sell the item because it is too much of a hassle to move, then you can place the item in temporary storage so that you can easily sell it. We’re sure it’ll give you a good peace of mind if the storage facility has a 24-hour security system.

We work on constantly improving all of the above, so if you’re in the Seattle area, make sure you give us a call for a free quote!