If you’re shopping around for moving companies, keep in mind not every one is equal. Some movers may be better equipped to handle your move than others. Plus, some companies may charge for packing materials, others will not. Additionally, others actually make use of trucks that have an attic in them, so that your most prized possessions can stay safe and unbroken.

Moving Costs

Before hiring any moving company, be sure to check the fine print when figuring costs Because charges you didn’t think would be added on can total up very quickly, you should talk to and interview any prospective moving company’s representatives. They can inform you of any possible charges you may encounter with your move and give you a clear idea of how much a local or cross-country move really will cost.

Be careful of some hidden costs or additional fees, such as:

  1. Moving heavy furniture (such as a grand piano)
  2. A transporting surcharge if the moving company compensates its workers for work performed in metropolitan areas, where wages tend to be higher
  3. Additional charges for having specialists disassemble gas mains, pianos, or pool tables
  4. You may also be charged an additional fee if movers have to use the stairs or an elevator to move items (didn’t think of that one did ya?)

What do you mean the moving truck won’t fit?

hidden moving costsA large moving truck/van can cause additional fees also. If your moving van is too large to get down a narrow street or there are low hanging branches or wires in the street, movers may need to shuttle your belongings using a smaller truck first. This can be very costly for any home owner! This is why you should look for and discuss hidden costs with any moving company you are considering. Moving companies can also give you free estimates before you move, so you have a rough idea of how much the move may cost. It would also be wise to get your total cost in writing.

Insurance Policies

Don’t forget to ask about insurance policies, as each company has their own versions, so be sure to ask what is available. Here are some places to start:

  • Your auto insurance may not cover the cost of driving a commercial vehicle. You may also have to purchase an insurance rider
  • Always check your homeowner’s policy to see you are covered for property damage.
  • Inspect the rental truck before you pull out of any moving companies’ parking lot. You may be liable for any unreported damage to the truck during the move if you don’t have insurance offered by the company.

Also keep in mind that moving companies may not be liable for any damage when moving items from your old location. Instead, you may be liable. So, make sure you are able to do some damage control. If there are damages to the old home, the incoming family may want some of their investment returned. Or, if you have damaged rental property, the landlord may pocket your deposit to pay for the cost of the repairs.

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