With the way the world is, not all people will be able to stay in the same job until retirement.  This type of life-changing circumstances may require you to relocate in a hurry in order to embark on your new career.  Unfortunately, if this is an unexpected change you may not always have time to sell your current home. If you have a spouse, leaving them behind to wrap up the loose ends may be an option, but this isn’t always a viable idea.  So what can you do to ensure the best chance at selling your old home when you aren’t there to help in the process?  Read on to discover some valuable tips that will help you along the way.

7 Tips to Keep in Mind

Even though you are trying to move from one location to another in a rush, take some time to make sure what you are leaving behind has the best possible chance of selling.  Check out our 7 tips to keep in mind when you are moving in a rush.

moving in a hurry 2Tip # 1 ~ Your Realtor Should Become Your BFF

Be sure when you choose a real estate agent that they are well aware (and are willing) to put the extra effort into selling your home when you aren’t there.  This will also require you to remain in close contact with he or she.  Stay updated on any feedback – negative or positive – so you know how many people are viewing your old home and what they are saying.

Tip # 2 ~ Help it Sell by Leaving Some Appeal Behind

It’s a well known fact that empty houses don’t sell as quickly as ones that are furnished.  People like to see how a house is a home and the big emptiness is harder to imagine.  So if possible, it’s best to leave some furnishings behind to give your old house the boost it needs.  If you need your furniture for the new house, then take the time to have photos made and leave them behind for potential buyers to view – 8 x 11’s arranged in an album works well.

Tip # 3 ~ Give Your Home Curb Appeal

When your home is vacant it is really important to maintain its curb appeal. This will require someone coming in to mow the lawn or shovel the snow from the driveway, steps and walkways.  In addition, if your move takes you away in the summer, it can be helpful to spruce up the yard before you leave.  Plant shrubs, put down new ground covering or even plant some colorful annuals – be sure to have the person caring for the lawn to water the plants and new greenery.

Tip # 5 ~ Make Inside as Appealing as Possible

If you are leaving your old home empty, it is especially important to make the inside as appealing as possible.  This includes having your carpet professionally cleaned, touching up any chipped paint or scuff marks left behind from moving furniture.  Remember, with no furniture to distract a potential new owner’s eye, all those little blemishes will stand out.  In addition, if you have bold colors on your walls, it’s a good idea to cover them over with a neutral one.

moving in a hurry 1Tip # 6 ~ Take Security Measures

Empty homes are at a bigger risk for break-ins and vandalism, so before you leave, be sure to have a good security light in place.  If you have a home alarm system installed, be sure your Realtor has the entry code.  Also make sure you cancel your paper delivery and have your mail forwarded to your new address – bulging mailboxes scream empty home!  If possible, it’s wise to have a neighbor keep an eye out for any prowlers to ensure your home remains safe.

Tip # 7 ~ Read Your Homeowners Policy

Last on our list of tips is to read through your homeowners insurance policy. You may be surprised to find your company puts a cap on how long they will insure an empty house.

Reduce the hassles and worries of leaving your old home behind.  Follow these simple tips to help ensure your relocation and selling of your old home goes quickly and smoothly.