The number of people on the Earth is growing each day and along with more people comes more waste.  In fact, around 1,600 pounds of waste is produced by each person in just one year – that’s a lot of garbage and it all has to go somewhere.

It is estimated that around 600 pounds of all our waste is in the form of paper and cardboard, another 149 pounds is from plastic, 58 pounds in textiles and 82 pounds is in wood.  Although, recycling has reduced waste from going into landfills upwards of 30 percent, we still need to be mindful of what we are using, reusing and discarding.  You may not realize it, but moving can create a tremendous amount of waste.  Check out our tips on lessening your waste material and keeping your move as eco-friendly as possible.

eco friendly moving10 Tips for Moving the Eco-Friendly Way

Tip # 1 – When it comes to boxes, try to reuse ones you already have, look to the retailers and grocery stores for big boxes or ask your friends, relatives and neighbors if they have any they don’t need.

Tip # 2 – If you are using new boxes, look to the corrugated type that are 100 percent recyclable

Tip # 3 – Pack clothes, linens and soft materials into duffel bags, suitcases or leave them in the dresser drawers.

Tip # 4 – Check to see if the moving company has plastic totes that can be rented and used in your move.

Tip # 5 – Use old newspapers to pack up your fragile items

Tip # 6 – If you are using packing peanuts and bubble wrap make sure they are eco-friendly;  peanuts made of biodegradable cornstarch and bubble wrap containing post-consumer recycled plastic.

Tip # 7 – If you have old paint and other environmentally hazardous products, be sure to dispose of them in the proper designated disposal units – do not just through them in the landfill.

Tip # 8 – If you are doing quick paint jobs, look for recycled paint for these projects

Tip # 9 – Hold a garage sale to sell off old clothes, toys and other items you will never use again.  Whatever is left, donate them to homeless shelters or thrift stores.

Tip # 10 – Instead of providing bottled water to your movers, offer your friends and family members beverages out of glassware or ask that they bring their own reusable water bottles.

After you have moved into your new home, be sure to ask around if there is a recycling program.  Often times communities will offer a curbside pickup of recyclable products.  If not see if there is a place where you can drop-off empty containers, bottles and cans.

In addition, we can all do our part by shopping eco-smart.  Only buy products in recycled containers.  Look for items that can be repaired or reused and support your local markets by buying products that are more Earth-friendly.

It may not seem like a lot, but if we all do our part, we can save a lot of waste going into the landfills.  Be eco-friendly when you move and help save our planet.