Reliable Moving Customers,

We are certified as a Washington essential service and will be operating as normal during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Your health and the health of our employees is a priority.

Our employees:

  1. We are constantly checking in with our employees and require them to stay home if they are sick. We require a doctors release back to work for all workers who are out sick in general.
  2. We have instructed our employees regarding hand/equipment sanitization, social distancing, and avoiding handshaking with customers during this pandemic event.
  3. We provide each crew member with sanitizer wipes, gloves and masks.
  4. We clean and disinfected our vehicles and equipment before every move.

Prior to your moving day:

  1. If someone involved in your move is now self-isolating due to exposure and or experiencing Coronavirus symptoms we will work with you to reschedule your move.
  2. If at all possible use clean new moving boxes and tape. Recycled boxes maybe contaminated. We can provide and deliver new cardboard boxes.
  3. If at all possible please take some time to disinfect those items our crew members will handle during your move.

Moving Day:

  1. Expect our crew members to keep at least 6 feet from you and or anyone present in the move.
  2. If possible please provide our moving crew with access to a sink, soap and paper towels at both ends of your move. If you have any spare hand sanitizer that would also be appreciated.
  3. Please have everyone in your household wear a mask during the move.