Sometimes when moving to a new house for a new job in completely new state, it is easy to forget a few packing and moving basics. Luckily, we’d be glad to offer a few friendly and helpful reminders to help make that first night in a new house goes a little more smoothly.

  1. packing and moving tipsDon’t forget to pack the essentials in a separate bag; Include a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a towel, change of clothing for each person, prescription medications, pillow and other personal items. This is so you don’t get to the new house and have to search for your most needed items…especially if it may be late at night.
  2. It is also suggested to have everyone pack plastic utensils, paper plates, cups, napkins, toiletries, a flashlight, paper towels, paper and pencil, trash bags, re-sealable plastic bags, first aid kit and snacks/beverages.
  3. A small tool kit should also be easily accessible for re-assembling items that could not be moved whole.
  4. Last, but not least, don’t forget bed sheets! The less time you have to spend searching for things, the more time you can spend sleeping!

Here’s a helpful tip for any possessions that are breakable:

  1. Instead of putting your favorite dinner plates in a stack and boxing them securely, with pillows or blankets around them, try a different approach. Put them on their edge and pack them standing on their edge. This will help keep the dishes from being more apt to break vs packing them in a stack. This is because the jolting motion from bumps in the highway or stopping and starting of traffic, can cause the whole stack of dishes to crack. Dishes packed on edge, secured with bubble wrap have a better chance of arriving unbroken. Plus, even if a dish breaks, the whole stack of dishes is less likely to break.

Now, we get this question a lot:

Is it better to use peanuts, bubble wrap or paper when packing items?

The answer? The packing material may not be as important as the method of packing is. However, think about the mess peanuts may create when packing. You may be better off using paper, blankets, pillows, bubble wrap or paper. That way, you won’t have to clean up thousands of Styrofoam peanuts when they are spilled all over the kitchen floor.

Here at Reliable Moving, we consider ourselves true professionals in the “art of packing” 🙂

True, it may be cheaper to pack items yourself, however, if you don’t know exactly how, you may not be saving yourself as much money as you think. Consider using our professionals to pack up your prized belongings.

We’ll leave you with some best packing practices:

  1. Pack one room at a time
  2. Try to keep essential items together and clearly label boxes with the appropriate destinations. If it isn’t properly labeled, neither you or your moving company will know where to put the boxes at the new location and you’ll just end up with stacked, unmarked boxes everywhere! This can create more work for you!
  3. Keep weight of boxes reasonable so they are easier to move and don’t put tape on polished or wood surfaces. This can ruin these surfaces or make the tape hard to remove.

That’s all we’ve got for today – we hope that was helpful! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.