If you have thought about hiring a moving company to move to your new home but have been hesitant because you are worried about whether you can trust them or not, then there are 5 steps you can do to ensure that you find the perfect movers you can trust with your treasures. You should be able to leave the move to your moving company and never worry about anything other than paying the bill when they are done.

Step 1: Grab References

With so many local and national moving companies to choose from (and contact), how do you know who you can trust? Reputation is a big part of the moving industry so each moving company works hard to ensure quality. A reputable company will have references, reviews and testimonials through which to help guide your decision. The word of mouth of family, friends and co-workers can also be a valuable tool provided there is more than one reference for each company.

5 tips for finding moving companyStep 2: Check Professional Reviews

In addition to looking for references, you can also check with moving associations, local relocation services and review sites online such as the Better Business Bureau. Your goal here is not only to see if these resources have anything good to say about a company but to see if the moving company you are looking at have had any complaints filed against them. It is a good bet that if a company is having complaints about them, you should be able to find a record of it online.

Step 3: Interrogation (kidding, just ask them questions in a friendly manner!)

Your next step in finding movers you can trust is to question each company about their licenses, insurance and bonding. Many companies also offer a supplemental insurance that you can buy that will ensure that your belongings are more than covered. While this may be a good idea, most reputable companies should carry enough insurance to cover the average size homes belongings in addition to their own equipment, supplemental insurance should only cover if your belongings go over this amount.

Step 4: Ask Moving Company if They Track Inventory

A reputable company will make an inventory list of your things, from how many boxes to each piece of furniture and appliances. This inventory serves two purposes: one is to ensure that none of your belongings get lost or stolen along the way, while the other is to provide the insurance companies an accurate listing should something happen in transit. Moving companies that make sure everything is inventoried properly can put you at ease in the unlikely event that something unforeseen should happen.

Step 5: Know Your Expected Costs

Finally, the hired moving company should be upfront about all their costs before moving day and before you sign a contract. Don’t be afraid to ask them for specific costs, this is an important matter. Many people assume that they are going to pay a single set price and this is not always the case, as there are different variables such as the size of your house, length of your move, or difficult items to transport.

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