Ahhh….moving day.  The day when your friends all suddenly become very “busy” and your family has forgotten your name.  It’s the day that favors are called in, promises are made and lies are told.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  You don’t have to beg, threat and curl up into a fetal position to get people to give in and help you move.  It can actually be fun…seriously.  Check out our tips on making your big move a fun one.

Have a Packing Party

Okay, this isn’t going to be like the Superbowl, but packing can still be fun with good friends, food and fun. Create packing stations so everyone has their own area.  Supply them with boxes, bubble wrap, markers, newspaper and packing tape, then set them loose.  Put on some good tunes to make the time go by faster.  And of course, be sure to keep your helpers well hydrated and full – nothing starts dissension in the ranks like hunger and thirst.

tips-for-making-a-move-funIf you have children in the mix, make a game out of packing.  Use this as a time of bribery as they go through their old stuff.  For all the old things they discard for the secondhand store, promise them a day out to pick out new clothes, a special piece for their new room or a fun toy.  This is a great motivator and will have them more than willing to get the moving on the go – I’d pack up my entire house if I thought I was going to get a new pair of shoes out of the deal.

Indulge in Guilt-Free Takeout

If there is ever a perfect excuse to pig out on takeout food, it’s on a packing and moving day – who has time to cook?  Plus, all the pots and pans are already packed (hint, gals pack these first).  If you are in your new neighborhood, this is a great way to try the local diners or restaurants.  Make sure you order in enough food to feed everyone that was kind enough to lend a hand and also to have leftovers for a quick snack.  If you can drag out the packing and unpacking process, you may not have to cook for a solid week, especially if you conveniently “lose” the pots and pans.

Use That Ms. Stewart Wanna-Be

Most of us have one of these people in our life.  You know the one that has borderline OCD and can’t stand the clutter?  This is the person to call over and enlist their help with organizing the move.  Let them have-at-it in your house to get rid of the old to make way for a simpler move.  However, one note of caution here, be sure to set aside or pack the things you can’t live without, or this type of person will have you moving with just the shirt on your back – and if it’s ugly, you may just find that gone, too.

Have a Big Thank You Party

At the end of the ordeal, be sure to have a day when you invite all your friends over to your new home for a thank you party.  Here you can go all out with great food, fun and alcoholic beverages.  If you are really in a thankful mood, give each one of your labourers a gift card or a nice bottle of wine for their hard work.  This will be much appreciated and will be remembered if you ever need to enlist their help again.

Moving doesn’t have to make everyone run and hide or plan a long vacation so they will have a great excuse to bail on you.  Make it fun with some smart planning, great food and promises of a fabulous party to come.  You will see these small gestures go a long way for everyone involved.

Happy Packing!